Is Your “Teenager” Struggling with a Failure to Launch?

In America, “failure to launch” syndrome is unquestionably real. In affluent areas the problem is near epidemic. More and more Parents are struggling with the difficult balancing act of showing your child love and affection and giving them discipline.

The lack of direction in the lives of many adolescents often leads to young adults with an inability to drive themselves toward independence. What we are left with is a generation of millennials that draw disdainful glances from their grandparents as they work part time jobs, or often no jobs at all, live at home, and seem to show no signs of motivation.

15 characterisitcs of “tweenagers” ages 18 to 21

Young Adults Failing to Launch teen sleeping in 1 300x225Alethia Luna, with Lonerwolf.com lists some of the characteristics of these entitled individuals. Check for yourself; then ask them again with your teenager or young adult in mind:

  1. You impose unrealistic demands onto your family, children, friends, acquaintances, lovers, employees, and/or employers.
  2. You tend to feel sorry for yourself if things don’t work out the way you wanted (self-pity), and openly advertise this in melodramatic, attention-seeking ways.
  3. People have called you a “bully”, “manipulative”, “ruthless”, “egotistical”, “vain”, or a “liar”.
  4. You believe that you deserve happiness and go to great, sometimes extreme lengths to ensure that happens, often at the expense of others.
  5. You punish people when they don’t do what you want either passively (e.g. silent treatment, gossiping, spreading rumors) or aggressively (e.g. shouting, verbally/physically abusing).
  6. In order to “succeed” in life, you believe in going to any lengths.
  7. You constantly see other people as competition or “threats”.
  8. You tend to exhibit many double-standards in the way you behave/interact with other people, e.g. I can be late and forget my duties and commitments, but YOU can’t; I can treat myself, but YOU can’t; I can abuse or disrespect you, but YOU can’t to ME.
  9. You tend to take more than give in friendships and relationships.
  10. You tend to look out for yourself, your needs and desires more than anyone else almost 100% of the time.
  11. You have a hard time negotiating or compromising.
  12. You have a deep-seated conviction that you have priority and should always come first, even at the expense of stepping on others.
  13. People always seem to be offended or upset by what you do or say.
  14. You generally think that you are better, or more important, than other people and other people should see this and unquestioningly respect you.
  15. You crave admiration and adoration.


Is your teen affected by “failure to launch” syndrome? Are they experiencing substance abuse issues? We’re here to help!

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