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    Tragic Results from Trying Pink

    Grant Seaver and Ryan Ainsworth were two 13 year old friends from Park City, Utah that did things middle school boys were supposed to do: go to the movies on Friday night, learn how to use a locker, and talk to girls for the first time. That all came to a screeching halt this last weekend when they decided to try the newest designer drug, U-47700 or “Pink/U4” as it’s known on the street. The boys were both found dead within 48 hours of each other.

    “Pink”: A Synthetic Drug Quietly Sweeping the Nation pink drug 300x169Pink is incredibly powerful, 8x more powerful than an equivalent dose of morphine to be exact. With this kind of potency, it’s easy for first time or regular drug users to overdose in just their first time trying it. Here’s the breakdown of the drug:


    The drug is both cheap and incredibly accessible. Pink comes in powder, pill, and liquid forms. A quick Google search showed dozens of online drugstores where I could order up to 30 Kg and have it shipped to my doorstep in a matter of days. Prices are as low as $6.00 per gram and a bottle of pills was just $39.20. It’s currently legal in the U.S.

    Side Effects:

    Side effects of U-47700 include Euphoria and Pain relief like other opioids. When taken in excess, respiratory depression can occur, which can mean loss of breathing and death. Opioid overdose effects can sometimes be combated by naloxone, though Pink can actually be resistant to this.

    Pink has been responsible for 30 deaths now in the U.S. alone. As with other opioids, Pink has a moderate to high potential to be addictive and abused. U4 is a research chemical that will more than likely be classified by the DEA as a schedule 1 drug in the near future. It’s incredibly dangerous and easy to overdose on.

    Parents need to be on the lookout for a powdery white substance that looks like crushed up Tylenol. Listen for the buzzwords (Pink, Pinky, U4) and you could stop your child from overdosing on this dangerous drug.


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