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    Partial Hospitalization Program

    Partial Hospitalization Program

    The Partial Hospitalization Program has been simply designed around clients who are very unstable and are making significantly poor choices with drugs/alcohol mixed with mental health problems like depression or anxiety. Clients are typically cycling from home to jail to a short stay at a psychiatric hospital for drug dependence, theft, and other unsafe behaviors. Many of our clients have been expelled from school, living between divorced parents, victims of traumatic events and often run away from life’s pressures. Clients have been placed in multiple treatment settings from wilderness to boarding schools. Parents and clients are at their “wits end.”

    Waterford can help teens and their families following a stay at an inpatient or residential treatment facility. When youth are released from these types of programs, they require follow up care to help them adjust to their family and community. Our therapists offer considerable expertise in this phase of treatment.

    The Program at Waterford is comprised of six hours a day which include fitness, mindfulness meditation, academics/credit recovery, process groups, relapse prevention and life skills training. Additional experiential therapies including art, equine therapy and healthy eating.

    Clients process topics from faulty beliefs, first steps, the impacts of substances on the brain, healthy boundaries/relationships, and to cross addictions. Students are usually enrolled around thirty to forty five days in this program.

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