Help For Teens With Mental Health and Drug Abuse Issues

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Waterford Academy has been designed simply around clients who are extremely unstable and who are making extremely poor choices with drugs/alcohol mixed with mental health problems. These issues can be linked to depression or anxiety for example. Clients cycle from home to jail to a short stays at a psychiatric hospital for drug dependence, theft, and other unsafe behaviors. It’s a heartbreaking situation for teens and many of these young adults who have been expelled from school, have lived between divorced parents, are victims of traumatic events, and are often prone to run away from life’s pressures. These teens have been placed in multiple treatment settings previously anywhere from wilderness programs to boarding schools and parents, and teens are fed up. If this is your situation, then a PHP program is an option for you.

What is the Program?

Waterford Academy can help teens and their families following a stay at an inpatient or residential treatment facility. When teens are released from these types of programs, they require follow-up care to help them adjust to their family and community. Our team of therapists offer considerable expertise in this phase of treatment where other options have failed.

The PHP program at Waterford is six intense clinically hours a day. It encompasses personalized therapy, process groups, relapse prevention, life skills training, experiential therapies including art and dance, trips to the gym, equine therapy, and healthy eating. Teens process topics from faulty beliefs, first steps, the impacts of substances on the brain, healthy boundaries/relationships, and to cross addictions. Students are normally enrolled between thirty to forty-five days in the PHP program.

How Can I Pay For PHP?

Services in the United States are funded by private insurance as part of a designated continuum of care as well as Medicare and for some states Medicaid. So if you have insurance or assistance for medical care you maybe able to take advantage of the help for your teen with less out of pocket costs.

Providers are moving to the partial hospitalization model of day treatment toward more acute short-term services. Hospitals and community mental health organizations are using PHP’s to handle acutely ill persons. This helps patients who are then able to better understand their illness, become adjusted to medication regimes, develop important coping skills, and set recovery goals that enable them to function effectively as recovered individuals in the society today.

Most programs like Waterford Academy are required to pass comprehensive reviews from national, state, and insurance bodies. Specific guidelines for assessment, treatment, facility maintenance, performance improvement, and client outcome studies are an important role to partial hospitalization programs.

If you’d like more information on PHP programs at Waterford Academy, call us at 866-439-0355. We are experts in helping people like you in this situation .

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