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    Glossary – J

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    street name for tranquilizers

    Jellinek’s typology
    Jellinek’s classification of alcoholism, as outlined in The disease concept of alcoholism (1960).

    alpha alcoholism –characterized by psychological dependence, with no progression to physiological dependence; also called problem drinking, escape drinking.

    beta alcoholism—characterized by physical complications involving one or more organ systems, with a general undermining of health and shortened life span.

    delta alcoholism-characterized by increasing tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, and inability to abstain, but not loss of control of the amount of intake on any occasion. (See alcoholization.)

    epsilon alcoholism–paroxysmal or periodic drinking, binge drinking; sometimes referred to as dipsomania.

    gamma alcoholism—characterized by increasing tolerance, loss of control, and precipitation of a withdrawal syndrome on cessation of alcohol intake; also called ” Anglo

    Jolly bean
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