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    Genetic Testing

    Double Helix genetic testing Genetic Testing Double Helix 300x240In line with our innovative and individualized treatment, Waterford is pleased to be able to provide Genetic testing for all clients.

    For many families of troubled children with behavioral, chemical usage or mental health issues it can feel like they have been on a “medication merry-go-round.” We understand that the genetic testing option gives empirical, objective, scientific “hard” data about whether a medication or class of medications is useful, marginal or not indicated for use.

    It’s a matter of neuroscience; of understanding the interaction between a medication and our child’s genetically determined ability to metabolize or transport that medication. We believe that in treating the whole child, this newly available diagnostic tool helps us provide the highest quality, individualized care. The final genetic testing report is easily understandable and can be reviewed by the parent.

    In a therapeutic relationship, having the most functional data, coupled with the Waterford Philosophy of care, concern and compassion makes the difference in getting the young person back on a track towards happiness and success.

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