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    As parents, we always want to trust our children and hope that they are making correct and healthy decisions. As teenagers begin to experiment with substance use, honesty in regards to this use can become problematic and deceitful. Fear of consequences for using pot, pills and alcohol can have a profound effect on family relationships, and can lead to a breakdown of normal decision making, life goals, and critical supportive friendships.

    Waterford offers a very easy, safe solution that starts the initial dialogue of substance use: a free clinical assessment and urine screen.

    A licensed clinician will start the assessment by conducting a 12 panel urine drug screen thus negating a lot of unnecessary deceptive manipulation regarding substance use. The next 30 to 40 minutes are spent in a productive discussion on the why’s and triggers for the substance use, and the effects on the teen’s daily life.

    The therapist will then meet with the entire family and discuss a suitable treatment option to reduce the use and dependence on these dangerous substances.

    Early intervention is a critical first step in reducing your teen’s exposure and/or continued substance use. Access to a free assessment at Waterford will give you a peace of mind of knowing the truth about your teen’s activities.

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