How Waterford Helps Youth

Waterford Youth Solutions has helped patients and families over come mental health and drug abuse issues in youth struggling with these problems. We know what to do and how to help the family unit grow together and get behind the patient in loving support.

The family unit is so important to the recovery, but how can the family be a part of the process when visiting hours are few and far between? By allowing the family daily access to the patient, strengthens the core of the family unit. We know that Waterford Academy can help you and your family don’t hesitate to call us at  (866) 439-0355.

Waterford can help your teen

What you can expect from us here at Waterford Academy is nothing less then what you’d expect from the best programs in the country. We have a professional staff that is dedicated to helping the patient succeed, an aftercare program that guarantees long term success, and a quality you can rely on and put absolute trust in.

We know that we have the skills necessary to help each youth that walks through our doors. We provide the necessary drug free environment that generates a healthy recovery environment. Please don’t hesitate to call us and learn more (866) 439-0355

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