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    about us About Us about waterford academy 300x200About us! Waterford is an integrated program that uses various forms of therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), experiential, recreational, Peer Recovery, and other social support systems including AA and NA. Our concentration is on personal accountability and emotional growth.

    We begin by doing a complete assessment which includes a bio-pyscho social history to identify the different emotional, mental, and environmental variables that increase our teens’ substance use, abuse, and dependency. We then develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will assist in the development and enhancement of alternative healthy coping skills, increase in personal accountability, and improvement in family relations.

    Utilizing several different therapeutic modalities, our teens gain a 360 degree understanding of their substance use and are able to identify it as an unhealthy coping skill. They gain awareness of the triggers (people, places, situations) that increase their risk of relapse. As they work through our PHP and IOP programs, they become equipped with healthy ways to cope with those triggers while experiencing the intrinsic reward of tackling and succeeding in one of the most difficult challenges they will ever face.

    Client Testimonials

    Waterford has helped me grown stronger as a person. I am now able to open up to people unlike I could before. Not only has Waterford helped me with my drug problem it has helped me with my eating disorder and also managing my emotions. I am now more confident has a person and have been clean from drugs and alcohol for over 200 days. I would not have been able to do this without the help of the staff at Waterford. The counselors have helped shaped me into a better person and into someone that is fully equipped for life. Their teacher has helped me get ahead in school and learn how to manage my anxiety and gave me tools so that I can get through life as smoothly as possible.

    Thank you so much Waterford for all the help I couldn’t do it without you.

    — Cheyanne. D, Client

    My experience at Waterford Academy have been unlike any other, instead of feeling like a client they make me feel apart of a family in a way. The staff are always ready to do what they need in order to give me the best care. The teacher is great and is always willing to help me get far in my education. The counselors are fantastic always here for me and make me feel important, happy , and special.

    Its amazing to be at Waterford Academy i don’t ever wanna leave!

    — Alex. J, Student

    It has been a real pleasure working with each of the teachers and therapists

    With much gratitude that my wife and I send our best for your efforts in helping our 17 year old son, begin to safely grow once again. I know that when we enrolled him with you, we were hoping but not really confident that either his attitude or drug consumption would change. Surprise, his anger has abated, his contribution to himself and the family has grown and as his recent employment drug test would attest, no substance abuse. Actually once again he is part of the family and fun to be around.

    The public schools in Flower Mound worked hard to help him and he was not ready nor appreciative of their efforts. His desire to “run the world in his way” did not pan out and we are very grateful that he found Waterford to be a solution to his troubles. It has been a real pleasure working with each of the teachers and therapists and we very much appreciate the family counseling that was included. It certainly helped us, be in a position to help him. Thank you and the entire staff for your endeavors.

    — Philip VG

    My daughter loved Waterford Academy

    We have struggling with my 16 year old daughter for several years. She has been constantly lying, skipping school, and got wrapped up with friends who were constantly smoking pot. My husband and I were at our wits end until we found Waterford Academy in Flowermound. Waterford is a place of hope that offers parents a comprehensive program of treatment, family therapy, and access to online studies to assist in much needed grade and credit repair. They will work with your insurance and makes this whole process affordable

    — Mother of Former Student

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