Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens Counseling Centers 300x300Waterford Academy is an Addiction Treatment Center for Teens. Our Program is designed to assist those suffering from behavioral disorders and emotional issues. Finding the right substance abuse treatment program is the first step towards helping troubled teens change their lives.

At Waterford Academy, we operate a program that specializes in helping teens make through this difficult period in the most effective way possible. We work to help every teen who stays with us to both overcome their initial issues with substance abuse and develop the skills they need to avoid developing future problems. This type of support can be incredibly valuable to any teen who has struggled with this problem. Please don’t hesitate to call us today for more information about the services we offer.

You can reach us immediately at 866-439-0355.

Why Parents Turn To Substance Abuse Treatment Programs For Troubled Teens

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1 – Alcohol Abuse – This is one of the most common issues that develops among teens due to it’s easy availability and the lax attitude that society has towards alcohol. Unfortunately, this leads many teens to seriously damage both their health and academic performance due to alcohol abuse. It is important for parents to remember how serious this behavior can be and seek out assistance if they notice it in their teen.

2 – Marijuana Use – Along with alcohol abuse, this is probably the most common form of teen substance abuse. It is essential that parents remember that using marijuana can seriously impact school performance and lead to legal trouble. Both of these outcomes can be avoided if parents take the right steps to make sure that their teen doesn’t smoke weed.

3 – Cocaine, Heroin, or Hallucinogen Abuse – While these aren’t as common as weed and alcohol among teenagers, they are quickly gaining popularity and becoming more easily available. All of these drugs can have devastating effects on the health and mental well-being of a troubled teen and should be avoided at all costs.

Signs It Might Be Time To Get Professional Help For Your Son Or Daughter’s Substance Abuse

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1 – They’re not attending school – When troubled teens start abusing illegal substances, they often stop spending as much time on their school work and start ditching class to spend time with friends. This behavior should be easy to spot, but it is important that you act in a decisive way to ensure that your teen doesn’t continue to put their future in jeopardy.

2 – They are frequently putting themselves in dangerous situations – Because drug abuse is illegal, teens making the choice to engage in substance abuse are often putting themselves in a dangerous situation. They could get in trouble with the law, or simply become involved with a dangerous crowd. Either way, the best way to protect your teen is to make sure that this doesn’t become an issue in the first place by preventing any substance abuse.

3 – You’ve tried to intervene and failed – If you already realized there was an issue and tried to stop your teen from using illegal substances but failed, then it is clear that you are dealing with a problem that will require professional help. Seeking out a treatment program as soon as possible is the best thing you can do for your son or daughter in this situation.

Make The Right Choice For Your Troubled Teens Future

If you believe that the time has come to get effective help for your teen, then we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible. Waterford has the professional experience and carefully designed programs that help teens who find themselves struggling with substance abuse. We are confident that spending a short time with us will help your teen get back to sobriety and get all the other aspects of their life back under control. Don’t miss out on this valuable help for your family. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible at 866-439-0355.

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