Is A Residential Treatment Center the Best Option for Troubled Teens Living?

Teens from  are frequently experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Using drugs or alcohol even once can lead to a lifetime of addiction. You do not have to send your child off to an inpatient treatment center in order to receive help. You can see the progress that your teen is making firsthand by choosing Waterford Academy. Our outpatient programs let your child go home every day and receive support from their family on top of the professional help that we provide at Waterford Academy. Your child is the most important person in your life. Give them the help they deserve, call Waterford Academy at (866) 439-0355 to schedule an appointment.

Outpatient Works and is More Affordable

Traditional rehabilitation involves staying at a inpatient clinic, meaning that your teen has to stay overnight to receive treatment. Teens from  have a better option. At Waterford we believe that an outpatient approach is more effective at providing long term healing for your teen. Your teen is able to escape situations where they are likely to abuse drugs or alcohol by choosing Waterford Academy. Your teen comes home every night to receive support from his or her family. Becoming a patient at Waterford Academy lets your child live a normal life while still receiving treatment.

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