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    How Do PHP Programs Help Those From Texas

    PHP programs, otherwise known as Partial Hospitalization programs, help troubled teens who have tried everything and have found no success in their battle with the combination of drug and or alcohol abuse and their mental health condition. Waterford Academy specializes in situations like these where people don’t know where else to turn and help is needed immediately. PHP programs are often the best way to treat youth with a combination of both mental health and substance abuse issues.

    Dealing with life’s pressures and fighting mental illness can be daunting for teens who find themselves battling survival from day to day. PHP programs are tailored to provide highly specialized care and treatment that needs to be managed carefully with both the patient and their family/friends. There is help out there for those who need it. Don’t let them suffer without treatment. Call and find out how Waterford Academy can help. Call 866-439-0355.



    Specifically designed individualized treatment programs for teens from Texas at Waterford Academy offer multiple levels of care, allowing staff to develop and provide treatments for varying patient needs. At Waterford, they will meet with each patient to assess which level of care would be most beneficial. Family and friends are included in all stages of the treatment process as often as possible and as deemed appropriate in each case.

    Treating both mental health issues and substance abuse at the same time helps these broken teens learn how to deal with their issues in ways they have not before. Utilizing the PHP treatment is the best way to treat both the issues at once. Without a PHP program troubled teens may have had multiple failures in the past with treatment.

    Why Waterford Academy?

    For those who have struggled with abuse of drugs and alcohol, they already understand the damage it can do both themselves and those around them. Those who regularly engage in substance abuse have difficulty managing many aspects of their life.  Serious damage to their health, wellbeing, and future are dependent upon them finding treatment. Furthermore, addiction to substance abuse is very hard to overcome without the right help. Understand that the first step is finding the right information. Once you have access to that information, you will be able to understand better what you are dealing with, and the type of help you or your family member will require. One of the reasons this is so important is due to the many different forms of treatment that are out there. Even within individual programs, you will find many different types of therapy and treatments. At Waterford, we strongly believe that finding the right type of treatment can make a huge difference in the lives of those dealing with and seeking to overcome substance abuse.

    If you’d like to find out more about what Waterford Academy offers and how you can get the help, you need call 866-439-0355.

    Texas – Is a large state in the southern U.S. with deserts, pine forests and the Rio Grande, a river that forms its border with Mexico. In its biggest city, Houston, the Museum of Fine Arts houses works by well-known Impressionist and Renaissance painters, while Space Center Houston offers interactive displays engineered by NASA. Austin, the capital, is known for its eclectic music scene.

    If you want your child to succeed, look for how they react to pressure. While many teens get along fine with dozens of things thrown at them, others might react totally opposite and shut down their dreams and their feelings. Most do this because of their fear of failure. Let your child know that as long as they do their best, it’s okay. It’s only when they don’t try, they fail.

    Texas – Texas has a reputation as being the place where the Old West begins. So it’s easy to understand why some people are surprised to find more than 600 miles of sparkling coastline here. We’re also home to the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world. It’s true. So if you’re looking for a stretch of beach to soak up the sun and the surf, we have a “little” room for you here.

    Do you feel that your child is struggling with an eating disorder? Binge-eating is characterized by uncontrollable, excessive eating, followed by feelings of shame and guilt. Unlike those with bulimia, teenagers with a binge eating problem typically don’t purge their food. However, many kids who have bulimia also have binge-eating disorder.

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