Group Homes for Troubled Teens

At Waterford Academy, we provide the solutions to helping your child get themselves on the right track. If you are the parent of a teenager whose child has decided to stray from the path, you might be at wits end as to what to do for your son or daughter. Many parents look into group homes as a possible treatment option for their teen, but we would advise against this.

Many teenagers find themselves struggling to make right decisions in those young, but trying years. Many of their friends turn to drugs and alcohol, and it makes it easy to fall in that same path. As teenagers look to “define themselves,” they see what their friends are doing and mimic their actions. In fact, studies show that 71% of high school seniors have participated in alcohol consumption, and 39% of teens in the United States report having used marijuana in the past year. Treating teen substance abuse and other behavioral health issues is on the forefront of many psychologists, and especially parents of those teenagers who are using drugs to try and fit in.

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Waterford Academy: More Than Just a Group Home

Waterford Academy - Troubled teen girl in therapy Group Homes For Troubled Teens Group Homes For Troubled Teens parent group homes2Waterford Academy provides a safe haven for troubled teenagers to learn and focus on living a healthy and clean lifestyle, without taking them from you for extended periods of time. Many treatment programs for teens require you to spend a ton of money to send your child away to their programs, and although many people have seen vast improvement through these programs, it’s not always an ideal situation. Because we treat those primarily in the Dallas area, we will send your child home after the day is over, you can be more involved in their progress, and you’ll see the changes your child is making immediately, rather than having to wait the length of the program to see your child.

When your child attends our Group Home program, you can be assured that they will receive the best treatment possible. Our staff is trained to help your child become the best person they can be. Sometimes all it takes for a child to overcome whatever it is that is holding them back is to get out of the environment they’ve put themselves in. Being around different people who hold different values and are invested in your child’s well-being will have a tremendous impact on your child. Working together as a family will strengthen your family as a unit and promote healthier relationships within.

Waterford Academy - Troubled teen girl in group therapy Group Homes For Troubled Teens Group Homes For Troubled Teens parent group homes3Troubled Teens Need Help: We Can Provide

Group homes for troubled teens have been remarkably successful in helping troubled youth get back on track for a successful life. It’s ok as a parent to feel overwhelmed or like you don’t know what to do. Contact Waterford Academy to learn what options are available to you and your family and find what will work best for you. Please call 866-439-0355 to speak with a caring professional at Waterford Academy.

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