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    Aftercare Treatment Programs Troubled Teens

    Aftercare Treatment Programs Troubled Teens p119 4 300x200Are you looking for an After Care Program for your troubled teen to help them transition back into their daily lives? Has your child struggled with addiction, depression, or harming themselves or others? Have they been to a group home, only seeming to return to your family worse than ever?

    Recognizing that your child needs help outside of the family can be a very scary thing. And perhaps you have already sent your child to a group home that promised better results than you are seeing. Is your child still struggling? And, as parents, what can you do?

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    Waterford is an after-care program for troubled teens. We provide a safe, healing, and educational atmosphere for your child, often after they have completed another program. No matter the level of success it had (or lack thereof) Waterford is ideal for the teen to acclimate back into every day life, filled with much of the same problems and troubling circumstances that they struggled with before. We have different programs that can help your child with their different needs.

    Our Partial Hospitalization Program places teens in a safe, therapeutic environment that helps them to overcome intense mental and physical issues. They remain there for six hours a day, for up to 45 days. They learn life skills, healthier habits, guards against relapse, and participate in group and individual therapy.

    Our Intensive Out patient Program offers further help and direction for the teens as they progress past the hospitalization program. This section goes from Monday through Thursday, three hours every evening. It follows up on the therapy and training from the first program and continues the education on life skills and avoiding substance relapse. While the atmosphere is much more relaxed, students are still held accountable and given drug tests twice a week.

    The Therapeutic Day School helps teen focus on the academics they may have missed through incarceration, suspension, or treatment. Much of it is given online, allowing students to learn at their own level and pace. They can get back on track in order to finish at their home high school, or they can complete their education through the online program. Waterford recognizes the immense importance of education and offers endless support to the students as they pursue their studies.

    Waterford is confident that we can help your child not only recover, but to succeed. We firmly believe that, with the right guidance, each teen can leave their past behind and enter the future with better skills and a fresh perspective. To find out more about our ideals and programs, please call 866-439-0355.

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